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It is an remote sensing instrument
that measure two dimensional
spectra of an object.


Hyperspectral Camera

Hyperspectral camera is an instrument for spectroscopy of 2D object.
Each pixel of 2D image has spectra in wavelength range of 400nm - 800nm.
It is an remot sensing instrument that measures two dimensional spectra of an object.

Item Value
FOV ~9 dge
Focal length 25 mm
IFOV 4mrad
Weight ~1Kg

Hartmann Wavefront Sensor With Calibration System

An Optics Laboratory Module on Measurements of aberration by Hartmann wavefront sensor
Exp#1) First-order chromatic aberrations (namely longitudinal chromatic aberration)
Exp#2) Third-order monochromatic aberrations (namely spherical, coma and astigmatism aberrations)
Exp#3) The dispersion of a plan parallel plate and its aberration in path of a diverging light beam.


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