Application's of Hartmann wavefront sensor.

The Hartmann sensor can be used for easements of inhomogeneity of a transparent media, refractive index and dispersion of a plane parallel plat, wavefront sensing and a tool for measuring the amount of divergence or convergence of beam for collimationy verification.
This instrument isalso intended to be used with bachelor and Master students, to learn the source of aberrations in laboratory. Students will do quantitative and qualitativ e experiments related to the most relevant aberrations of a single and doublet lenses.

Exp#1) First-order chromatic aberrations (namely longitudinal chromatic aberration)
Exp#2) Third-order monochromatic aberrations (namely spherical, coma and astigmatism aberrations)
Exp#3) The dispersion of a plan parallel plate and its aberration in path of a diverging light beam.

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